I just purchased another CDC40, because the first one arrived with damaged cd changer and faulty radio tuner. This second CDC40 unit was working fine, but because i have to wait for new wires for my eeprom programmer for over month so that i can read a security code from it, i didn't use it.

Now finally i read eeprom and decoded security code, but cdc40 doesn't want to turn on at all, tried all usual replaced fuse on the back of the radio, replaced and checked fuse 35 and also other fuses, also disconnected battery to reset everything, on opcom it says "no CAN communication with ehu", nothing helped, checked radio connector all is ok, also when i install my old cd30 all is working fine, but before reading eeprom, i have tested cdc40 and it was working fine.

I just want to ask is there within this cdc40 surge protection or something similar or any hidden reset button or trick to bring this cdc40 back to life please? Because i don't want to order third cdc40, after this bad experience with cdc40 i will rather go for single din aftermarket...

Thank You.