Hello fellow forum members!

I have recently bought an OPC/VXR cluster with an unknown security code. So I figured Iíd order an xgecu pro eeprom programmer.

I disassembled the OPC cluster, tried to read the chip on the board, which didnít work. Then desoldered the chip and I couldnít read it anymore, seems like the chip got busted. Now I bought a few new M35080ís from AliExpress. Downloaded an eeprom from peckyís sharing platform, programmed it to the chip and soldered it back on the cluster.

I installed the cluster into my car and it disnít work. The lights started pulsating slowly, the display shows me an airbag sign and vertical lines and when starting the car, the needles on the cluster remain in their off position.

Removed the cluster, opened it back up and tried reading the eeprom on the board. Looks like the chip is emptyÖ

Iím at a loss, did the cluster clear the eeprom or did I program an invalid dump to the eeprom?

Iíd gladly appreciate some help!