i have retrofitted CID ( it is KS with 2 line ) with DVD90navi to my Astra H z17dtr ( 2008 ) with linear voltage type B fuel sensor.

CID is from zafira b ( A17DTR from 2008 )
code index in CID is 005 ver.:03 ( that was set up from Zafira B )

I have looked at op-com and there is index for astra h from 001, 002, 005, 006, 007, 008 and 009

I have checked in ECU and it says that sensor is linear voltage type B so i suppose that I need to chose 009 index.
My range i think tahat is not working ok. Sonethines it increase and sonethimes decrease.

My dilemma is. Should I only set code index? ( because i have index to chose )
If I set to 009 ( linear voltage type B ) should CID show correct range.
Or do I need to update software to BN 3 line CID? Or leave like this whit code set to 009.