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    Can't calibrate window's motor in the upward direction

    Hi ! It's me... again :/

    I recently bought used original window's motor for replacement. I calibrated it for automatic window closing\opening after i stop push button. Everything was working fine. Motor was calibrated alright and i could open\close it by remote. But then i noticed that seller sent me incomplete motor's mechanism so i must return it and i bought another. But after second motor arrived and i plugged it in something awkard happened. I couldn't calibrate it. I mean when i close window and after i stop pushing button then window close independently and it's fine. But when i do the same for opening then motor stop right after the moment i stop pushing button. I thought that the motor is broken so the seller send me second one. It was the same. So i was like "what the f... ? Second motor broken same way ?". Anyway i bought third motor from another seller and again without luck...

    Could someone tell me how it is work ? I mean is motor close\open window by itself ? Or REC do this ? I bought window's mechanism using official part number 13101478 (got it from the vin). And one more thing - after all these things happened i connected my previous motor (which is non original) and i calibrated it without problems. Can you please help me or maybe give a little tip where should i search source of my problem ?

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