Hi Guys,
...the 'germans' are here.
Please don't shoot when I mess up the language here ok - thx ;-)

I found this nice forum and hope tp get some help here with my mission.
We have a Opel Combo C 2009 CNG with a CD 30 Raio that has no aux in it.
Since a family member has a bad hearing problem and recently got a hearing implant that has bluetooth capability, I wanted to swap the existing radio into
one that has AUX in to install a Bluetooth and Handsfree Speech Adapter so the Family member can hear the phone directly in the implant via bluetooth.

Now I bought the ISO connector-adaptor with mic & Bluetooth and a used Radio CD 30 mp3 on e**y.
It's a DelphyGrundig with AUX in. But the seller didn't sell me the dashboard display part. I got the old radio out, put the new in and it turns on but there is a DISPLAY Message. I do not have the Code for that radio either. Somewhere on YT I saw someone deprograming it. And here comes my questiopn:

Can somebody tell me if it is possible to make the new Radio run on my vehicle either by swaping the CHIP from the old to the new one (it's a diffrent Make and modell ) and I can solder, no problem.

Or what should I do to make it work?

If you need Data or Fotos from those Radios let me know, please.
If I need to buy some electronic stuff please let me also know what where etc...

Any Help would be very appreciated. I can only reply in certain hours but definetly reply.
Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany...