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    Astra H CIM decode hellp either to read or PCB swap

    Hi guys

    I have my astra van and some how I've typo wrong pin in or something as I recovered the PIN with BDM100 a while back, all been fine. But I was working through the problems lastly Angle sensor stripped all the steering rack back got it all lined up tried to calibrate nothing. Looked at the CIM stipped it back and the ribbon is snapped this CIM is working with my van got my donor CIM it works with the van but im unable to reset it with passcode 5 hour 20mins waittime. Ive ripped out my ECU again and BDM100 on the bench did a dump passcode changed from 3490 3409, thought hey ive cracked it put the ecu back in tried to resert ECU and I just get please wait tried it on the CIM wrong code and I keep going round in circles

    can anyone please let me know how to read CIM i dont think this has eeprom I have the old BDM100 dump and the new one thats all I have as a reader or jlink device or can I just swap chips over and be done with it if so what chips do I transfer MC9S12DG128/CPV/3L40k
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