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    Insignia MAF Wiring


    Had a service done on my car and on the way home from garage my dash told me to get my car serviced and i am aware this can show when there are issues, I lifted the bonnet and noticed that the MAF cable was not plugged in and it was running down the side of bonnet.

    I have plugged it in and the warning to get car serviced soon went away but i am worried because the cable has two indents so i am not sure if any damage to the wires has been done and if this was caused by the bonnet being closed on the cable.
    Is there anything that will let me know if the wires are damaged for example a warning light or will i notice any symptoms as a sign the wire has been damaged.

    Im really paranoid that the wires could be damaged and that i will need a new engine wiring harness so any help will be great.

    Thanks Alot

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