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    Astra H retrofit parking pilot

    Howdy folks,

    on my 2007 Astra H Estate i'd like to retrofit PDC.

    I've bought the following parts so far:

    -PDC module (GM 13228779 )
    -PDC off button for dashboard (GM 13100106 )

    Still need the loom for the sensors and the sensors themselves.

    However i've stumbled upon an issue, with this PDC module (which came off a 2008 twintop),
    it requires a connector which leads to the IPC, apparently it uses the speaker in the IPC.

    My vehicle does not appear to have this extra connector in the boot. And it requires a retrofit.

    Would you folks be able to help me along with this? I need info on that connector, and which cable needs to be pulled to where.

    Thank you kindly!

    (REC has the fuse for PDC)

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