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    My 435 Road Trip

    So yesterday I decided I wanted to do something for myself, dont often get the chance for a jolly so I decided a road trip would be the best way to cure this problem....

    So half 8ish i decided to set off from my house in sunny Cornwall, not worried about how long I would be driving for or what I would see. So off onto the A30, which was clear so a little hoon to start the trip off would be a good idea...

    I passed a sign that said 65 miles would take me 55minutes to complete, erm well I saw that as a challenge and took it on.

    Saw that for most of the journey

    40 minutes later I completed the challenge but also in the need of fuel so into the petrol station i went.....

    Full tank and on I go.... (Speedo reads wrong lol)

    So on I went further up the M5, to Bristol...

    Then after more miles I got to my required junction and off I went on to crappy A roads where muppets cant do the speed limit...

    I mean there was only some crappy white stuff about that people have moaned about for a week....

    On I pushed and it wasnt long before i got to where i needed to go. So saw a man about a dog and deal done over a brew, how professional Plus I had to wait for these things to be unbolted, so van was promptly loaded and the return journey was started, but hey cant go to a strange town without scouting for talent. But they werent sure about my Boobies Make Me Smile sticker on the van

    Well all these hours and the belly was rumbling so off at the first services for some....

    Double portion as I was starving

    The van must of liked the music I had on as it decided to give me a disco with its favourite light... We all like it when this one comes on...

    Also on the return I managed to get a special mileage

    So after a long drive I got home just after 5pm and covered this mileage..

    Parked up and left over night I decided today that I would get the bits out, well my intention was to fit them but due to the lovely weather it has been delayed till next weekend but hey ho it gives me time to clean them and fit them properly. So means it was wet outside i had to quickly get these inside and dried off, not bad I didnt think for what I paid and did to get them.....

    I think next weekend I will go on my travels again and see what comes back with me

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