Field Remedy: 2746

Subject: Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) - Speed-indication too high

Astra-J 2010...2011,Meriva-B 2011...2012

Complaint: Speedometer indicates a higher speed than actually driven. Deviations are within specifications and legal requirements

Cause: Software deviation

Production: New software has been introduced in production for Astra-J modelyear 2011 and is scheduled for Meriva-B with modelyear 2012.

In case of customer complaint do not replace the instrument panel cluster (IPC).

New software calibration files are available on TIS2Web.
Astra J: Cal Files for MY10: PN13373992, PN13373993.
Meriva-B: Cal Files for MY10: PN13365175, PN13365184, PN13365185.

Please note: Improvement in comparison to production solution
is minor only.

Astra-J: IPC HW and SW (MY11) is NOT backwards compatible.
Meriva-B: IPC HW and SW (MY11) is backwards compatible.
MY12 will NOT be compatible.