Feld Remedy: 2763

Subject: Malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) - Illuminates, trouble codes C1221, C1222, C1223, C1224 set

Insignia 2010...2011

Complaint: MIL illuminates, trouble codes C1221, C1222, C1223, C1224 for all wheel speed sensor circuits stored in ECM.

Cause: Wheel speed signals not plausible during severe operating conditions.


In case of customer complaint do not exchange the ECM or other components. The above mentioned DTCs will only be stored during extreme snow/ice weather driving conditions where the ABS/Traction Control System is under maximum load.

Only the DTCs have to be deleted. Setting of the trouble codes is only caused by extreme weather driving conditions. No other root causes have been identified.

Labour Time: TC: Hours:

U3 276 30 Delete ECM trouble codes 90 0.2

The costs for this repair will be covered during warranty and policy.
For policy please refer to the Policy Guideline (WebPG/Kuugel).
The regular Warranty Procedure will apply.