Field Remedy: 2115

Subject: Engine A/Z17DT/J/R, turbocharger - Lack of power, DTC P0234(52) set

Meriva 2007...,Astra-H 2007...,Corsa-D 2007...,Zafira-B 2008...

Complaint: Low engine power during steady state driving cycle at part load. The SVS light will come up and DTC P0234 (52) will be set.

Cause: Software weakness might exist.



In case of customer complaint please carry out a SPS programming of the ECU. The software is scheduled to be available on TIS2WEB as of:

- CW 45/2008 for Model Astra-H, Z17DTJ and Z17DTR as of software version number 4.
- CW 51/2008 for Model Corsa-D, Z17DTR as of TIS2Web version 12,5 (15th December 2008) software version number 8.
- CW 51/2008 for Model Meriva, Z17DT, 17DTR as of TIS2Web version 12,5 (15th December 2008) software version number 9.
- CW 30/09 (27.07.2009) for Model Zafira-B, A17DTR and A17DTJ.

If new software does not work please proceed with procedure a.) to c.) if necessary.

a.) Check vacuum lines from vacuum pump to Electric Pneumatic Valve (EPV) and from EPV to turbo charger for any kind of restriction.
In case the vacuum lines are restricted, e.g. blocked the VNT actuator can not be properly ventilated which might result into an
over boost issue.
b.) Check the function of the VNT-Actuator (= control rod at the turbo charger) by use of special tool KM-667 (vacuum pump). Connect the hand device to the box and apply vacuum. The rod starts to move at about 300 mbar and stops at around 500 mbar (valid for already used T/C). The mechanism must be free of corrosion and must operate w/o restriction.
c.) Finally if you can rule out any kind of system error at the periphery, e.g. vacuum lines not restricted, VNT actuator works properly, this might end up in a turbo charger replacement.

Please note:
a.) There is no need to replace the boost pressure sensor!

b.) Please note: No need to replace vacuum switch valve 97288249
for actuating the EGR cooler assembly.