Field Remedy: 2275

Subject: Electric windows - Malfunction


Complaint: I. Automatic opening and closing function of the windows not possible (power supply was cut off). II. Windows open above the middle position.

Cause: I. Window electronic not activated. II. Window encounters resistance (e.g. ice).

Production: .


Note: Before changing any parts follow the instruction below.

In case of customer complaint I:

- Close doors, ignition on.
- Close window completely and hold 'close'- button for 5 seconds.
- Open window completely do not interrupt.
- Repeat for each window. In case of customer complaint II:

- Try to close window 3 times, next closing attempt the window should close.
- If not, close the window in stages by intermittent pressing the button and hold 'close'- button for further 5 seconds.
- If efforts were unsuccessful interrupt power supply (pull window lifter fuse for a second) and repeat the procedure.