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    2092 - ABS, connector wiring harness - ABS-telltale lights up and C0045 or C0050

    Field Remedy: 2092

    Subject: ABS, connector wiring harness - ABS-telltale lights up and trouble code C0045 or C0050 is set

    Astra-H 2006...,Zafira-B 2006...

    Complaint: ABS-telltale lights up and trouble code C0045 or C0050 is set.

    Cause: Water entrance at ABS connector to ABS sensor wheel hub.

    Production: Greasing operation implemented in production as of VIN W0L0AHL7562163886 (plant Bochum), VIN W0L0AHL4868122278 (plant Ellesmere Port), VIN W0L0AHM756G113153 (plant Gliwice), VIN W0L0AHL6765161514 (plant Antwerp) and changing of wiring harness since 15.12.2005.

    In case of customer complaint check all connectors wiring harness to ABS sensor (wheel hub). If the investigation of vehicle revealed water entrance at connector the affected wiring harness and the ABS sensor (wheel hub) has to replaced (see picture I).

    Attachment 51

    Before attaching the new connector to the wheel hub, the connector of the wheel hub has to be filled up with special grease catalogue-no.: 19 48 877 / part-no.: 9163339 (see picture II).
    Attachment 52
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