Field Remedy: 2783

Subject: ECC temperature display - 22 shown on display

Astra-J 2010...2011,Meriva-B 2010...2011

Complaint: After ignition on always 22 is shown on display instead of selected temperature.

Cause: Software deviation.


In case of customer complaint reprogram ECC with the latest software
via TIS2Web.

New ECC software is available for Meriva-B, MY 2010/2011 and Astra-J,
MY 2011. The software for model Astra-J, MY 2010 is in preparation.
TSB 2783 will be updated upon availability of Astra-J, MY 2010

Labour Times: TC: Hours:
U3 278 30 Reprogram ECC 90 0.5

The costs for this repair will be covered during warranty and policy.
For policy please refer to the Policy Guideline (WebPG/Kuugel).
The regular Warranty Procedure will apply.