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    DAB45 decode and whoopsie


    Any chance of a decode of my DAB45 (BIN file attached)?

    Also, stupidly I forgot to make a note of which way round the 95640 EEPROM goes on the circuit board so could someone help me out with a picture or just a note whether pins 1 & 8 are towards the connector end of the DAB45?

    2 steps forward, 1 step back...

    Read using PICKIT2 using this wiring:

    PICKIT2 95640 signal
    1 1 S̅ / not chip select
    2 8 Vcc
    3 4 Vss
    4 2 D / data in (to 95640)
    5 6 C / clock
    6 5 Q / data out (to PICKIT2)

    Also tie H̅OL̅D̅ to Vcc or you'll get somewhere between no data and partial data with checksums all over the shop.
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