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    right have put original head unit back in with display and all coded ok, I have a friend who apparently still has tech 2 so will try and add my Bluetooth to original radio. would like the cd40 usb to work though but it hasn't been divorced ....what would be the options for that be an eeprom reflash if so where would I get a file for that or do I just meddle with the file I get off eeprom, a bit of help on that would be appreciated

    just to list what I have

    cd40usb from corsa code 9517
    uhp4 module from same corsa code 9517
    both work when put together

    gid coded 9517 (but doesn't appear to work with the cd40) this may just be crappy opcom as it doesn't list cd40usb hence the tech2 trip
    cd30mp3 coded 9517
    cd30 coded to 0957

    just goes to show sometimes cutting corners costs dearly

    just thinking out loud as I have the code for the cd40usb will I just be able to reset that with the tech2 on friday(the day of reckoning lol) and then reprogram with the same code to pick up the uhp4 module or if I leave the uhp connected at same time will it clear that too bearing in mind the gid isn't programming at this point so will just leave that unpaired until radio is unpaired ( right or wrong )

    sorry for so many questions

    any more ideas guidance would be much appreciated

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