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    Vaxuall Astra vxr

    Vaxuall Astra vxr 57 plate radio showing display safe

    Hi me and partner recently financed a vxr and on the radio says display safe, we've read about decoding etc but we don't know if it's original stereo and also don't have a car pass can anyone help please

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      quick and easy method is to have both of the units out, sent away to be decoded, then recoded back to the car, that way if they are original you would also get your car pass security code as well..

      The long way is to use vauxcom/tech2 and log into each unit and check their 'security status' it will either be ID OK/NOT OK. ID OK would means its paired correctly to the other device which is fitted or ID NOK (not ok) means both units have different codes..

      If it says 'delivery state' its not paired at all..

      As for your car pass you can produce your logbook etc etc and get it from vauxhall IF neither of the codes for the radio or screen are correct... What stereo and screen do you have fitted? Another thing is, does the screen have 3 or 4 'tabs' at the top of it... ie Radio, the phone handset sign (bluetooth), satnav, boardcomputer.. or do it look nothing like that?

      Just seen its an extra, but all the above should still apply...

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      Vaxuall Astra vxr
      We don't have another unit just the one in the car and the dealer don't seem to helpful
      Would take stereo out and back in make a difference? Also it's all black inside
      No push button on display board

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      Stereo out and back will make NO difference. Please understand that radio code differs from the screen code. No push button on the screen dome, all is done through the radio buttons. If you need help send them over for decoding and pairing together.

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