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    vectra c 08 damaged screen replacement

    Hi Plecky,first time here and hoping you can help.Recently got a second hand display unit for cd70 from scrap yard,first time the screens lit since ive had it.As you probably have guessed i now have the dreaded Display SAFE message plastered across the screen within 2 seconds of putting the key to the ignition.Would a tech 2 trip to the garage change this situation.The car has been well looked after apart from the damaged screen,i also was provided with security code and radio code.the screen i fitted had the same part no as the old broken one(6591550302c) so i didnt think their would be a problem swapping them over,radio works fine i cant control much more than that.Is their any way around this problem,i could purchase the rest of the unit from the scrapyard if that would help.Many thanks in advance for your help/any help at all.Best regards steve.

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