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    I am having some issues with my Vauxhall Meriva starting... The battery was flat, and wouldn't start. Jump leads were applied and the car started first time, with no issues. We drove around, stopped and all was fine for a few hours.

    We then left the car on the drive, came out and the car wouldn't start at all. We removed the battery and connected it to a charger. The battery was left and charge and was full, we left it disconnected for a while and re-applied the charger to see if it had held, the battery was still fully charged.

    When we put the battery back in to the car it started first time, we went on a short journey and it once again, started on our return to the car. We left it overnight and then when we went to start this morning the battery again, sounds as if it is flat.

    Is it an issue with the battery, or is there something that could be draining it?


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