The Graphical Information Display is the monochrome diaplay which is graphics capable.
The following can be displayed.

  • Time
  • Date
  • Outside Temperature
  • Various radio displays
  • Trip computer
  • Navigation
  • Check Control
  • Climate Control

For programming, the following Code Index's should be used.

ASTRA H, 2004
AttributeCode index
Without Board Computer001
Board Computer002

ASTRA H, 2005+
Fuel tank sensorSoftware FreezeLED TypeAttribute 1Code Index
Linear Resistancebefore 20.04.2004Not RelevantWithout BC001

With BC002

after 23.09.2004Super BrightWithout BC001

With BC002

StandardWithout BC006

With BC007
Linear Voltage Type B
Not RelevantWithout BC008

With BC009