I'm french And i'm sorry for my bad english

i try to explain my problem.

I have à twintop (very good car) with cd30 mp3 with à GID

I buy à CD60 navi to à men who said to me the radio was divorced.
He give me a copy of his car pass code

When i put this radio on my astra, the radio is ok (not beep) but the problem is on the GID
"display safe"

I go to the Opel garage with my car And the 2 carpass (CD30 And CD60) and they put the TECH2 for divorce the CD60 but i don't have chance because they couldn't because TECH2 said it's for à Opel corsa and my car is an astra.

My garage said me to divorce the CD60 with the corsa but the men lives at 600kms

Now, i ask you what are my différents possibilities

Thanks for your time