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  1. Hi Kadett, Many Thanks, how can i missed a...

    Hi Kadett,

    Many Thanks, how can i missed a first time... Anyway if anyone interested: ignition on, open opcom and go to: diagnostics==>select year==>select...
  2. Mechanical Key Number decoding with OPCOM?

    Hi All,

    Is there any chance to retrieve Mechanical key number with Opcom on Astra mk.5 2007? I tried to go to immobilizer module with opcom (i have sucesfully programmed new flip key) ,but special...
  3. GID 93C66 IDENT SE security code please help



    Can you please help me with security code from GID 93c66?

    Thank You for your help.

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    Thanks, i understand, when i opened cd changer...

    Thanks, i understand, when i opened cd changer mechanism i have no idea how to further continue or where and what to looking for, because visually seems to be everything in tact, but i am not...
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    CDC40 Blaupunkt help with cd changer fix


    I just purchased CDC40 Blaupunkt from ebay without security code, but that's not the issue, test fitted and seems to me that cd changer is jammed, dissasembled head unit and separated cd...
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    Same in here in Ireland, DAB (not DAB+)...

    Same in here in Ireland, DAB (not DAB+) broadcasting ended in March which was limited here anyway, also in rural areas was almost not a chance to receive any DABs in cars anyway.
    It would be great...
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