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Thread: Astra Brick car

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    Astra Brick car

    Hi There,
    A while ago I purchased a cheap 2005 Astra H 1.8ltr, 5 speed manual. As a brick car, not going.....history on the car is..... was running but had CIM issues, went to a (Holden) dealer to have airbag replaced under recall. Un beknown to them this vehicle had had a full brain transplant. ECU CIM engine bay control centre and rear control centre from a donor vehicle. So not knowing this they tried to reprogram the CIM to the VIN on the car using the original security code. 3 months later they supposedly tried everything including key reprogramming to no avail. So hence I now purchased the car and are trying to fix it. I have managed to procure the security code from the donor vehicle that matches the brain and I have access to a clone Tech 2 the main issues are with the immobiliser and the CIM module. I have refitted the original CIM then scanned. the ignition will operate and fuel pump will pressurise when key is turned the relay (presume starter) clicks but then nothing. Is this just a matter of re- programming the 2 keys to the new brain immobiliser as I fear hey have tried to or possibly have re programmed to the vehicles original vin number and been unsuccessful.
    I have tried fitting the new CIM but that is definitely programmed under the original Vin so needs o be "divorced" so it can be reprogrammed to the donor brain. I will endeavour to attach some screen shots and any help would be greatly appreciated, I have an idea of what needs to be done just don't know exactly how to go about it.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2 vins AH Astra.jpg 
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Name:	AH Astra Vin plate.jpg 
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Name:	Ah Astra immobiliser.jpg 
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