Is it possible to connect an aftermarket DAB+ adapter directly to the CDC 40 Opera? The car is a 2007 Opel Zafira with CDC40 Opera but no aux-in or original DAB module. There is a Tiny Audio C5 DAB+ adapter in the car that sends to the original FM radio over the FM band. This means that the radio picks up the signal from other aftermarket DAB modules using the same FM frequency, which can be very annoying. Most cars here in Norway have aftermarket DAB+ modules, as the FM band is mostly shut down (only a few local radio stations are still using it) and the average car is too old to have DAB+ as original equipment (only DAB+works as DAB without the + isn't used). The Tiny Audio C5 has line-out and is able to connect to a car with aux-in. I have tried, with the help of a mechanic with Tech 2, to connect the Tiny C5 to the radio, using the wires that the original DAB-module is supposed to use and reprogramming the system. This only resultet in a "DAB box error" in the display.

Do you need the original DAB-module to make the input to the radio work as aux-in? Do you also need the aerial for the original DAB-module?