Hi all

I wonder if anyone can help or advise.
I have a zafira b 2006 1.8 design panoramic roof all recalls done exept the latest heater plug one.
I also have a tech 2 - opcom 1.39 and 1.41 - and a carprog with all 31 or 32 leads. and have done electronics for 30 or so years.
so here it is.
coming up to mot time - horn doesn't work and steering wheel buttons flakey so here's what I did
checked the uec for water damage non visible, checked the cim for magic clip all good but still no buttons and horn
so I removed cim and replaced front half for a known good one recalibrated the sas with my tech 2 and everything fine but still no horn and buttons
a few weeks passed before I had another go.

no issues on the car exept horn and flakey buttons on the steering wheel.
next I removed the cim again and removed front to back connecter and hard wired and heat-shrank for tidiness all six pins. this didn't work and I forgot to re-calibrate the sas as time was getting on.
now because the mot was due in 2 weeks, mechanical work was needed for mot so I ordered a new cim from lookers Vauxhall and gave the car to a garage for the suspension work, pre mot check etc.
I now have the car back all mechanically fine and cannot calibrate the sas ????

now I have done this before with my tech 2 and everything was fine a few weeks ago but for some reason now the cim will not accept the pass code and keeps saying wrong code - yet this has worked before.
now my real problem is the ipc and ecu accept the code fine ( so im not going mad and forgetting the code) but the cim does not want to play ball
I don't have the original car pass so don't know the mechanical key number for the car - so I cant program the new cim in.

my mot is up in about 10 days and I fear Vauxhall will not be quick enough to get me a new car pass printed as local dealers have to apply for them from head office and I do not rush my programming.
I can find almost all the settings I need for the new cim except the mechanical key number.
is there another way to find the mechanical key number so I can program the new cim in - or do I just wait for a Vauxhall car pass to be printed.
apologies if this is a long post - but im feeling a little frustrated.
thanks for reading