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    Cd70 Navi Bluetooth help

    Hi Guys
    Wonder if you can help
    I have just had cd70 with aux and Bluetooth fitted to my vectra 57 plate replacing a cd30
    Everything has been done correctly and all programmed to my car with tech2 , via car pass
    I'm told the uhp module is a 2010
    All works lovely , calls etc
    I run an iPhone 7 which pairs great with uhp ,
    The problem I'm having is the module isn't syncing properly with my call list and phone book
    It's really hit and miss , sometimes a call comes in , it displays ( unknown) then just the number
    On some incoming calls the name is displayed
    If I call from my call list same again
    If I call from phone book then the correct name is displayed
    I've noticed also the call list displays loading sometimes for a good 2 to 10 seconds
    And recent calls take a while to register in that list
    Really annoying lol
    I also have a second vectra c xp2 with factory cd70 Bluetooth , same phone , that all works correctly , no problems
    Names are always displayed , you know who is calling you lol , really good no glitches

    At the same time my friend also had Bluetooth fitted to his xp2 , it already had cd70 with aux , so he just had the Bluetooth side fitted , all programmed to the car etc , the same as mine has
    His apparently has the 2006 uhp
    His is displaying all the same symptoms
    Think he's getting more names coming through

    I have noticed the call list displayed in both cars that's had the upgrade are totally different to my other car that's factory fitted

    Both show
    H: John Smith
    M: Fred Smith

    In mine the factory fit
    John Smith (Home)
    Fred Smith (Mobile)

    Different screen layout
    That I can live with , I just want to see names that are ringing
    I've tried saving contacts differently , removing the +44 on numbers , nothing makes a difference
    It's like the uhp's just really slow to update

    I would be really grateful if anyone could give advice on this
    Cheers Phil

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