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    Zafira B Eonon: what are the chances...

    Hi all,

    I would be most grateful if anybody could give me some advice on upgrading the CD30 in my 2012 Zafira.

    Here's where I am at the moment: I bought the car last week, and I hadn't checked for an AUX in, I just assumed that because the radio looked the same as my last Zafira it would have one. Turns out my last Zafira had the CD30 MP3 though, which of course *did* have AUX...

    Anyway I started looking at my options (after the initial panic of not being able to play music/google maps from my phone had subsided) and it appears that Vx don't want you changing out the head unit. They really don't.

    First of all, I looked at a regular 1-din from the likes of JVC, Pioneer etc. only to discover this thing about not being able to access the BC to change date/time with these units. That would annoy the hell out of me, but hold on - you can do it all from the steering controls, right? Well no, because my car has the bloody UHP bluetooth phone portal thing, and that won't let you use the steering buttons to get into BC.

    OK, so a bit more searching and I find the Eonon units, which apparently still allow full use of BC. Win! Except it looks like a) the aerial may need power (how?) and b) the UHP bluetooth phone portal thingy probably won't be able to send the caller's voice to the car's speakers, rendering it useless.

    So in a perfect world, here's what I'd like to achieve:

    1. Swap out CD30 for Eonon (or something else that allows BC functionality - any ideas?)
    2. Fully working UHP Bluetooth phone portal as it is now (i.e. get sound through car speakers of caller on the other end, able to use it independently of stereo)
    3. Fully working aerial with good reception (need to connect supplied adapter to power? How?)

    Feels like the impossible dream!

    Thanks in advance for any opinions or other options.

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