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    Vectra C 1.9

    Vectra C CID communication / coding problem

    Hello everybody,

    i have a 2007 Vectra with a CID fitted. Unfortunately the CID does not have the BC tab activated and i am not able to activate it. When connecting to the CID with my trusty "plopcom" it takes a very long time to retrieve the information about model number, software date etc. The entries appear at a rate of about 4 to 5 seconds per line, so something must inhibit the display from communicating correctly. Therefore variant coding is not prossible, i get different errors when reading the current variant config, most of the times it says "not all DID readed correctly". Also, the programmed VIN can not be read. What does in fact work is set the time in the CID and changing of code index.

    Has anybody else experienced such a behaviour?

    Of course i would really like to activate the BC tab, so i thought about flashing a different image to the EEPROM. Would that work? I read online that the EEPROM content would be hardcoded to a specific display and would brick other units that the image would be flashed to?

    Thanks in advance

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      that could work as mostly all vectra cid's use the same eprom, 93c66

      You would obviously need to 'pair' the display to your radio/uhp4 again so make sure you have the code for yours and that the file you put onto the display is actually tech2 clear.

      the very late displays were the 3line type with a different eprom/file size...

      The eproms are not locked to the display itself so is safe to put another one on...

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      Sep 2014
      Vectra C 1.9
      I decided to get a different CID off ebay instead. Unfortunately i can't get to it's variant coding either. Same error. So now at least i know that my display is not faulty.

      On my last Vectra i had no problem coding it's display, although i don't remember the exact type of the unit. My current displays both are id 0x1301 Identifier DB and software version D4.30/CE59... the display in my old Vectra most likely was also Identifier DB, maybe id 0x1201? Never any problem with that.

      Has anybody encountered similar problems and perhaps found a solution to this?

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      Zafira B
      The problem is in PC/OS or OPCOM/software/firmware

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