Hi, i'm a new member and i don't know if it's the exact place to open this thread (if not please understand and sorry me and if need move this thread...).

I'm a possessor of a Opel Corsa from about 3 years (i have supposly a opel corsa E model i thinks) and my cars have this radio CD40 mp3 whit usb...............

I have some issue whit some different usb drive and some file mp3 not skipped whitout any advice........ i have try same files whit different usb pendrive and same thigs and i have tryed to rename or re-encode to a lowest bitrate but sometime some mp3 it's not reproduct on this radio and this same mp3 files instead working perfect on another autoradio (or for example on a pc).

At this point i have tryed to search on internet about this issue and apparently some suggest and report to this forum.......... and at this point i ask:
- It's exist a firmware upgrade or somethigs similar ?
- It's need to change whit a better model (for example a third parts model) ?

Thanks in advance......