So my 2011 1.3 cdti meriva b hasn't even got the DDS function,

i've looked and looked on GlobalTis 32b for the schematic of where the DDS switch connects to, but i cant seem to find it, except a page on the data comms, where it shows Click image for larger version. 

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Do i presume the DDS switch would connect to plug X3, pin 58 of the BCM? or is that likely to be a wire from the ABS pump or something? i can't find 'tyre pressure monitoring schematics' anywhere.

I also assume i need a different ABS pump and module? gotta find out what mine is first of course.

i know ive seen the option to select tyre pressure monitoring in the Tech2 when doing a regonfigure of the BCM and IPC (was adding the rain sensor) so i'm hoping it's just a switch needs adding, but i will assume the abs pump needs changing too, but once i get DDS working, if i can, i'll want to see about the full TPMS,... if possible