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    Cd30mp3 to aftermarket head and lost climate control, help

    I've copied this over from a post I just put in zamora as it probably has more chance of being answered here apologies for duplication

    Ive just fitted a kenwood headunit to my 2012 zafira b. It used an autoleads cp2vx52 loom adapter and the aerial adapter. All works fine but. Although my climate control works I have no display on the gid. It flashes up for a split second when I adjust it occasionally but but the small box in the bottom of the display showing temp and fans account or economic is always empty and it means I can't actually turn air con off. Also I can bring up the bc menu with a steering wheel button but not scroll through it anyone any ideas I'm lost. Vauhall say the previous stereo a cd30mp3 had nothing to do with the climate so they don't have a clue either. Auto leads also have no idea
    But when I reattach the cd30mp3 I have the display back and full control any help greatly appreciated

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