I want to make the uplevel IPC i have work on my car (meriva B) i've got an ipc from a european 1.3 diesel meriva B, so everything will be present (rear seatbelt warnings, flex/suicide door warnings and so on)
Obviousely it has a kph speedo, i plan to swap over my existing speedo face when i take it apart to get at the eeprom.

Now, i've never played with an eerpom before (only programming experiance is arduino's) i believe i know which IC is the eeprom (to the left of the DIC, 8 pin surface mount jobbie)

i can de-solder it ok... i then need to put it in a reader....

Money is very tight for me, so i'm going to have to get one of these http://r.ebay.com/LSxhnC
i know, 9 quid for a chinese eeprom programmer.. but i don't plan on doing this that often.. please point me to a better one for under 20 tho.

Am i right in thinking the eeprom is an soic8 package... the programmer has a choice of a 150 or 209mm wide chip holder, which should i get?
are the eeproms in the infotainment systems the same as in the IPC? i.e. what adapters should i get with the programmer.

I'd like to get a spare eeprom or 2 whilst i'm at it, incase i screw mine up, what do i get tho?