Hello everybody, need help for zafira.
First thing was when I come back from work to my city it's about 30 miles, go in garage for diesel. fill full tank and then I try move battery been died. Go in shop get new battery as I thou maybe all battery (maybe can be like that). about a week or two weeks latter new battery died as well. then I was thinking can be only one thing - alternator. day befor change it I go to my fiend stay about 30min in there, come t car and all lights on dash come on but when try start it's no any sound. after 1-2 hours come back to car and it start. next day change alternator and it was everything ok. drive a bit for test come back home and it's againg. all light come on but no sound when try start. and it's about 1 - 2 weeks sit in garden. I check with diagnostic all fouls codes:
P0621 - generator lamp L control circuit
U2106 - transmission control module ( no communication)
P0380 - glowplug control circuit (general error)
P0520 - engine oil pressure sensor/switch circuit
U2139 - steering column module (no communication)
U2102 - CAN bus maximum configuration list not complete
U2201 - EHU (no communication)
anyone can help me? many thanks