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    Corsa D BCM fault?

    Hi guys after some advice regarding a BCM on a 2012 Corsa VXR Nurburgring.

    I have one in at the moment and 99% sure the BCM is faulty. Have the ABS light and Traction light on. Fault codes on the ABS are:
    -Wrong Variant config installed
    -No communication to SAS

    I have calibrated SAS and variant config is correct and this is a brand new ABS pump installed.

    Now the BCM has fault codes:
    -No communication with ECM
    -No communication with ABS

    When I try to go into it with Tech 2 it says something along the lines of no modules found for this car or something along those lines (can access all other modules).

    I know this car was jump started and ever since then the issues occurred. Anyone have any ideas? Can BCM eeproms be repaired or uncorrupted?


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