New to the site, lots of good information here! Struggling to find a similar situation to the one I have but I'm sure someone will have had the same.

Car: Zafira 58 reg 1.9 Z19DTH 97k miles.

Bought the car a few months back, seemed to only have the fault of heater control circuit, tested all 4 glow plugs and they were all duff, replaced all 4 and seemed ok.

Started to have cutting out issues but only code that came up was ECM fault, had it tested and it had been spiked at some point, everything else on the test report was ok except for injector output. Got a replacement ECU coded to the car. Car would start and run ok but occasionally cut out. Checked the codes with a local chap with tech 2, came up with 0201 injector#1, he also did a leak down test and commented that injector 4 was out of spec. Replaced injector 1 with a supposed good second hand injector, coded it in and planned to replace injector 4 ASAP.

The car struggled to start still but once running seemed fine. On a journey home it cut out and would start again but cut out almost immediately, AA had to recover the car. Checked the codes and again injector #1 came up with injector 4 showing to be out of spec.

Replaced injector #1 and number #4 with reconditioned injectors, coded them in and out took a while to start up, possibly air in the system? Anyway, had it running for a few minutes and then it starts to cut out again with the only code given as 0201 again. The only other thing I can think of doing is replacing the wiring to the injector, striped the insulating tape back as far as the EGR and seems ok, also doesn't seem to be any issues at the connection to the ECU.

I'm sure there is something I've missed but it is getting frustrating and it should be my wife's daily driver. Quite used to working on petrol cars so the newer common rail diesels with canbus are something I'm trying to learn to get along with.