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    Corsa D - Problem with speedometer

    Hello everyone,

    Few months ago and while driving I saw my speedometer showing the wrong speed.
    I was going about 20km/h and it was showing 160km/h.

    I turned the car off and it's supposed like normal the speed indicator to be on 0. But... it was on 120km/h.
    If I pull the battery off it's going back to 0 and it's working perfectly (the indicator showing the right speed and it's going up and down smoothly).
    Until randomly while I driving going upwards ticking / not smooth and stays randomly to some point (e.g 160km/h). After that it's going up and down normally but above the speed that it stops.

    Have anyone any idea what's going on? it sucks to pulling always the battery negative off (loosing time, car clock, date etc also).
    The speed sensor of the car seems to work fine because the speed notification it's working as it should.

    PS: I have retrofitted a GID screen. Is there any kind of interpolation that may be happen? Like a wrong index code.
    PS: The period that happens is accidental too (to one day, to month).

    This start happening few months after I put the GID. Also happens with stock screen too when i was testing to find out if the screen may cause it.

    Thanks for your time!
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