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    Astra afl problem

    Hi guys. First post on the forum so hello. I have a 2005 5 door astra h 2.0 turbo sri. It's got afl lights fitted from standard and has developed a problem with the lights. The lights are working but the annoying warning light is now flashing. I've used op com and it displays fault code b1461-00 which, after researching the web, seems to be the front left. I stripped the light out yesterday and all appears visually fine. Heres the question...... i know nothing about these lights. I know theres a ballast module, a balancing module, control module and range adjustment motor within the light. Before I start hacking the light to bits to replace the adjustment motor, does anyone know if the b1461-00 refers to a specific faulty module? If this has been asked before, i apologise. Any help appreciated as it's really frustrating not being able to diagnose the problem myself (and not very professional driving around with masking tape on the instrument cluster) thanks

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