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    CIM SPS programming

    Hi all
    anyone can help, how to properly do the CIM software update (SPS programming)?
    I did on body, CIM, additional functions, prepare SPS programming, (safe same date) ignition and tech2 on all time
    All proces SPS from TIS, reprogramming finish 100% and after CIM did not want to answer any more.
    what I did wrong?

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      Not done a CIM on a Zaffy before..

      I've seen it previously on the veccy where it automagically updates the code version though

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      Dec 2013
      Zafira MK2 1.9 Z19DT
      Hi this I found on one of the forum.

      Important: For a successful programming follow the instructions in TIS 2000 and set up the CIM for programming by Tech-2 before reprogram. Procedure for CIM SPS programming:

      --> After selection of MY and Vehicle "Enter"
      --> Body "Enter"
      --> CIM "Enter"
      --> Additional Funktions "Enter"
      --> SPS programming set up "Enter" - CIM SPS programming will be performed
      --> Exit

      Afterwards carry out the CIM SPS programming (Old software version:
      M: --.57; New software version: M: --.62).

      Important: During the CIM set up ignore all "switch off ignition" messages, otherwise the programming of the CIM won´t be successful.

      Note: Vehicles with PEPS are not affected and therefore it is not possible to program a CIM with PEPS.

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