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    Lightbulb HID Fog lights - HELP NEEDED

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2008 Astra H SRi 150bph with the XP pack.

    I have recently purchased a 35w H3 6000k HID kit with the intentions of installing them in the front fog light unit.
    When I looked at the bulbs that came with it i seen that there was a Red and a Black cable (like you would find in a standard HID kit)

    I read that one of the cables can be put into the female connector for the H3 plug and the other is the ground. Is this correct?
    If it is correct can you tell me which of the cables is the one i plug into the female (I'm assuming red?) and where can i connect the other cable to the ground?

    If its not correct could some one tell me how to best install the h3 kit in to the fog light unit.

    Many thanks,

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