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    Question Replacement OE Insignia with DAB - Help needed

    Hi Guys,
    Im John from Car Vision UK, we are advanced suppliers and installers of In car OE replacements.
    I have been working on a recent project along with our suppliers to offer a Media Navigation system to fit the standard CD400 and CDC400 Panasonic Insignia Head units. CD300 will become available shortly.

    Anyways, the reason im asking for some help is that im somewhat stuck at a problem surrounding DAB.
    Our replacement units work extreamly well within the limitations of the stock units, and faced with a problem of NO saund generated via the DAB unit once our replacement Screen has been fitted.

    My therioy is that the AUX line in is adopted via the CD400 and used to deliver the sound from the DAB unit to the head unit and thus distributed throughout the car. As our unit uses the AUX in for GPS DVD and IPOD, this could explain the reason we dont get sound from DAB. FM AM works, no problem.
    Has anyone else experianced the same issues? or even more helpful to me would be a pin out of the Panasonic wiring loom - fully populated would really help.
    Im moe than happy to share with anyoneon the Furom my findings, as and when this issue has been rectified as i believe this excersie will help other wanting to add AUX in music, like IPod other than the USB and 2.5 plugin jack in the middle of the consault.

    We are based in Droitwich and have over 20years experiance in Car Electronics, but sometimes even the best get stuck.
    This is a link (Please remove if breaches any forum rules) to show exactly what we have and trying to acheieve.

    This is a link to the unit, itself:

    This is the wiring we currently have managed to list.

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      Hi John, this sounds like a similar problem surrounding the autodab units which dont work on the VX satnav headunits, it appears that the AUX cannot be 'split' to effectively work as 2 line outs so your sat nav is hijacking the feed so therefore you'd need some form of switching in the system to stop one feed from hijacking it from the other. Hope this helps

      PS: Welcome to WMVX

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      Insignia 2.0 Biturbo 4x4
      Whilst I have no experience of the Insignia DAB, the Astra H DAB works like this.

      • DAB aerial on car roof goes to DAB module, not headunit
      • DAB module is controlled via the headunit over CANBUS
      • DAB outputs the audio as an AUX-in to the headunit

      With no DAB module on the CANBUS, the headunit will not open up the AUX in port.

      The only way to get AUX-in to work on the Astra H with DAB fitted and working is to install a changeover switch into the AUX-in feed. The headunit opens up the AUX because it sees a DAB module, however the audio feed is hijacked by an AUX lead.

      I suspect the Insignia may work in a similar way, if you have used the AUX the you will have removed the audio feed from the DAB.

      To test this theory you could try a 3/4 pole change over switch between the existing wires and your AUX feed. If you can change between the 2 when switched, then that is your problem.
      Richard Peck

      Availability & bookings here

      Insignia 2.0 Bi-Turbo 4x4. AFL, Sport Leather Pack, Embedded Bluetooth, DAB, Navi 900, Infinity Sound, 20" Alloys, VXR Styling pack, Dual Climate, TPMS, Power fold mirrors, electric rear windows, Sight & Light Pack, Front & Rear Parking Sensors

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      Cheers Gairo,
      Been thinking it though, so the AUX in leads are used for our unit, correct....
      And this means that the head unit has some complex switching also built in, so in theory.....!! We can use the AUX in the unit (Separate button) to carry the audio through the system.
      This will work, however the other problem I will be faced with then is that the AUX In is audio visual, and although we can push the sound through, I don’t think the screen will show radio functions giving a blue screen - no AV detected?
      One for our engineers I think?

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      May 2012
      Thanks Pecky,
      Good call. As the Astra is also a Panasonic by make and fundamentally the very same in almost all functions as the Insignia, especially the CD400 range.
      As above, i have something to go at and keen to see if we can work through our systems to allow audio from the DAB.
      It maybe (for a short-time) until we can find a better option is that the AUX on the OE unit has to be used in turn opening the switchable functions within our unit - finding an easy way to allow the audio through pref within the radio function. Sounds very complex.

      Thanks again for your support guys :-)

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      Aug 2010
      Wombourne, South Staffs
      Astra 1.9 16v CDTi SRi XP+ Power Red Estate
      John, have a look at the autodab website if you get a chance as they have a similar problem and it does seem to stem from the sat nav screen hijacking the signal hence you can't receive a DAB signal unless you could effectively split the signal...
      definitely one for your engineers, I'm not an AV engineer by any stretch of the imagination but am quite willing to help you if i can, pecky on the other hand is a bit of a genius On a serious not though, he is VERY technically minded so might be worth making a friend of him

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