Field Remedy: 2390

Subject: CIM (Steering Angle Sensor) - Calibration and enter security code impossible

Astra-H 2004...,Zafira-B 2005...

Complaint: Calibrating steering angle sensor is impossible. While calibrating, Tech 2 displays "Wrong security code" even though the correct code was entered.

Cause: The steering angle sensor of the CIM becomes twisted after removing either the steering wheel or steering gear. In the datalist ABS/ESP, the parameter steering angle sensor always reads 0 degrees even though the steering wheel is turned.

Production: .

In case of complaint disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. Remove
the steering wheel and adjust the middle position of the CIM. Then reconnect the battery. Now it is possible to enter the security code as well as calibrating the steering angle sensor.

Replacing the CIM is not necessary.