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    Vectra B

    Vectra B - ECU Fault causes rough running. How to code in new ECU

    After changing several things i have come to the conclusion the Simtec 71 ECU is faulty.

    I would like to buy another ECU and code it to the car, rather than removing the transponder and sending the lot off to be bench repaired.

    I don't have Tech 2 but would like top purchase if not too expensive. I do have Op-COM.

    Can i read the Pin number from the current ECU wit OP-Com ?

    I have considered Carpreog but it seams you have to modify the A1 adapter to make it work.

    The only other idea i had was; is it possible to use the Simtec 71.6 from a Vectra C and code that to the car?

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      1. No
      2. No
      3. Send old ecu to me, you get the pin code.

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      Vectra C 1.9 CDTi (150) Elite Estate
      I had the same issue with my ECU not so long ago on my vec B, I ended up taking mine to a place in Cannock called ATP cost me 240 but all work is guaranteed, I dropped mine off in the morning and collected the same day before close of business... Not an ounce of problem since...

      Before going down this route though make sure it defo is the ECU... What engine you got, mine was the Z18XE which are prone for the problem due to location of the ECU so I did the spacer mod on mine when I had it repaired to solve the problem of getting heat from the engine.

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