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    Congrats for result! It is nice to see that somebody started with questions and make everything till the end stage - operational retrofit.

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      Here is picture of proof how it works.
      I like it very much

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      Update about the mirror.
      Didnt took a lot of the pictures as my baby sleeps and do it very quickly.

      As I changed all interior led-s to white.
      The yellow/amber led in the rearview mirror was bothering me.
      I decided to change it to white but problem was how to open the mirror housing and not to damage it.
      I read few posts on some vaux forums and as I can remember some of the members tried but the mirror housing was badly damaged.
      So I carefully approached to it.
      As I work in PC/Laptop repair shop I decided to use old credit card (in my case it was expired auto club card).
      Here are the pictures so, you will get it as soon you see the pictures.

      Old led.
      Its 6mm one.
      I put 2x3mm and it works fine.

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      Quote Originally Posted by zdravko.primorac View Post
      I bought a whole set of this parts, with the wiring.
      It has:
      1. Light switch with "AUTO" position
      2. Rear view mirror dimmable, with light sensor and ambi light led
      3. Rain sensor
      4. Plastic covers for sensor and mirror base
      5. Whole wiring for it

      So, I already fitted light switch and it works just as the old before.
      I fitted new rear view mirror too.
      I used old base (metal plate that is glued to windscreen).
      Cleaned it and glued using Loctite 319.
      Removing base is a bit pain and risk to break/crack windscreen.
      So as its summer now and here the temperatures are almost 40 every day.
      I parked the car on the sunlight for 3-4 hours.
      And rotating the base left and right it came off in a minute.
      Also the base had to be moved up, closer to the roof, so that plastic covers can be fitted properly and hide all the cables.

      So, now I am on wiring.

      Auto dimming mirror has 2 wires.
      Brown and black.

      So, I suppose brown is + and black is -

      Rain sensor has 3 wires.
      Brown, black and green.

      I suppose brown is + and black is - and the green is some sort of signal.

      Can someone please help me with this?
      I would like to make rain sensor functional.
      So need to know where the wires ending too.
      In which connector they go?

      As I can see, they go down the A pillar in the footwell.

      Any advise and suggestion are welcome.
      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	71783582_2427942407419095_4846332829270802432_n.jpg 
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Size:	97.1 KB 
ID:	2398Click image for larger version. 

Name:	71835049_2402995423246223_5713971606666084352_n.jpg 
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Size:	44.5 KB 
ID:	2399Click image for larger version. 

Name:	72196789_751182158685493_5732366303054790656_n.jpg 
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Size:	49.9 KB 
ID:	2400Click image for larger version. 

Name:	71700778_466050493996837_1852846649521471488_n.jpg 
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Size:	81.9 KB 
ID:	2401
      Hello guys ! Hope somebody is still around on this topic to answer a few of my questions regarding how to retrofit rain sensor/light sensor and dimmable mirror!I want to change the windshiled that has already the rain sensor from another car ( i think it has the light sensor,it has a auto light switch , i ve uploaded a photo with the windshield ) and the dimmable mirror with ambient light and i m not sure how to connect them/wire configuration.Is it possible for my car to have already the wires in some socket up under the reading lights panel(at least for the rain sensor) , for the dimmable mirror i know that the reverse light wire in the REC i don t have it,i ve checked pin 7 of the green socket . The car came from the factory with the big sunroof version so almost all the connection wires i have them,for the heated seats,cruise control clutch switch socket,not for AFL lights and not for PEPS (passive entry/start).The sensor has three wires brown,black and green and the mirror 4 wires from the mirror in the socket and 2 wires from the socket brown and black . Can somebody say where this wires they need to be connected "as OEM as possible" ? I ve uploaded 4 photos with the windshield(rain sensor and you to say to me if it has light sensor as well) the REC of the car and 2 photos with a socket under the reading lights panel,there are 6 wires going in from the left side and 5 coming out from the right side) .Is it possible for one of these 6 wires in the socket to be the rain sensor wire?Thanks

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