Dear all.

I was trying to install uhp4 on antara 09.
seller send it to me productor as below.
But. Antara didn't have CIM module i guess.
Any idea Sir.
Have a good weekend.

Programming - detail
Security code card company to the Opel dealer
With the Tech 2 must be at least the year 2008 or younger
be entered
Tech 2 at least version 122.00 or later, otherwise no connection to
1. 1st The first thing should be selected and there with the Tech 2 with the CIM
Programming → MID-speed configuration on the UHP4 of missing
be placed there.
2. 2nd The display is selected. Then programming → Variant Configuration
-> Change of universal hands-free does not exist at present.
3. 3rd If the CIM is done the radio must be selected. → under Programming
Variant Configuration of the Universal Handsfree is not available on
any change.
If no automatic climate control (ECC) is installed, please proceed to Step 5.
4. 4th If it is installed in the car an automatic climate control, then the control unit of ECC
be selected. Programming → MID-speed configuration available to UHP
. set
5. 5th Now you have the UHP control unit 4 to be selected. Under the program must now
Control unit can be programmed.
Tech 2 leads through programming.
The MID-speed configuration, radio, display, UHP and ECC (if available)
be changed from absent to present.
It is called the variant configuration where Bluetooth is set to present
be. Input language should be set to German.
Later in the Tech 2 will index the code programming. I recommend the
Index of Antaras code for each vehicle (see list)
As a final step, the Tech 2 is the UHP with the radio control unit and the display
. marry
The Tech 2 automatically selects the programming sequence to the radio and automatically
goes into
MID-speed configuration of the radio. There must not exist from the UHP to
be placed there.
Then the Tech2 2x in a row will then know the security code of the vehicle.
Now, the speakerphone is full functional.

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