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    Opel Astra H (Mk5) LHD 1.9 CDTi Summer Edition

    Retrofitting Opel Astra H/Mk5 Twin Top (LHD) 1.9 CDTi with AFL headlights


    I am a newbie to this board. I stumbled across your excellent forum/website and your guide while surfing the internet for info about retrofitting my Opel Astra H/Mk5 TwinTop 1.9 CDTi (LHD) with AFL.

    There are a two detailed guides in German as well (guide #1, guide #2), but they show some differences in wiring (connecting AHL-/AFL controller unit and re-configuring UEC plugs XE1 and XE2; UEC = Underhood Electrical Centre).

    Question #1:
    Unfortunately "your" guide doesn't give any information on wash wipe (WW) / headlamp washer (required in combination with Xenon lights at least Germany). The German Guide claims that Pin 1 of the high pressure WW pump has to be connected to XE1, pin 46 (add new wire 2.5 mm˛ with 6.4 mm bracket to pin 46 XE1). Correct?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    btw: It's hard to find a pin layout/pin assignment of XE1 - XE3. Has the Astra H/MK5 XE1 to XE 3 the same pin assigment as Zafira B or are they just "alike"?

    Question #2:
    Disconnect wire to pin 27 and connect to pin 40 in XE1 only for left AFL headlight. Correct?

    Question #3:
    Add new fuse 10A in UEC slot #31 for left AFL headlight, new twin fuse 25A slot #9 and new relay above slot #9 for high pressure washer. Also correct?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	UEC - reconfiguration.jpg 
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    Question #4:
    The AHL/AFL controller unit is located in the passenger footwell (driver side LHD) near the door behind the inner panelling sill. In "your" guide the controller unit is wired/connected to UEC plug XE2. You have to run the wires through the "firewall" grommet between passenger and motor compartment/engine bay (glove box for RHD, space behind steering wheel/pedal for LHD).
    Remove existing level bit signal (pin12) of XE2 which goes to the levelling switch.
    Insert the following termonals and run the cable through the grommet to behind the glovebox

    AFL Ign Voltage
    AFL HS CAN Low
    AFL HS CAN High
    Level bit signal
    The German guide recommends running 3 levelling sensor cables from the rear axle through the grommet beneath the rear bench, then along the - existing - loom under the sill panelling (remove 7 clips) to the 26 pin plug/connector of the AFL controller unit (pions # 7, 10 and 11). CAN Bus low (white) and CAN Bus high (green) are taken from a loom in the footwell to pins 2 & 3 of AFL-connector, AFL Ign voltage from light switch (black wire) to pin #23 of AFL connector, earth/GND from light switch (brown wire) to pin #24 of AFL connector, level bit signal from light switch pin #10 (brown/yellow wire) to pin #5 of AFL connector.
    Which is the better/easier way?

    My apologies for some awkward expressions, English is not my mother tongue, especially not technical English.

    Thx in advance.


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