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Thread: P0621-01 Code

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    P0621-01 Code

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 2008 Vectra CDTI 150 estate and am having a few issues with it, the current main one being that the battery charging/alternator light on the dash stays lit when you start the car and the spanner light goes out on starting but comes straight back on again.

    The second day I had the car the battery died overnight, I called out the RAC who jump started the car, checked my battery and my alternator and stated that they were both done for. Code number P0621-01 came up on the computer.

    I then had them both replaced but the warning lights came back on again, giving the P0621-01 code again, along with P042A-05 code. I've tested the battery (12.7v) when the car isn't running and (14.2v) when started, which seem fine. The car drives fine, everything seems to work but the code/lights won't stay away.

    I've discovered that if you start the car, turn it off again then restart it straight away the battery light goes out and stays out but if you start it and leave it turned on the light stays on.

    I'd be grateful to anyone who might be able to shed any light on this matter as it is really confusing me.

    Thanks, Vince.

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