To prevent incorrect operation, the brake pedal must also be pressed when resetting the service interval in the Astra-H

1. "Ignition OFF"

2. Press reset button (trip odometer button), the display in the instrument cluster will show the odometer and trip odometer.

3. Press and hold the reset button (trip odometer button), after approx. 3 seconds the service interval display will appear (e.g. "InSP 15,000" or "InSP 0").

4. Hold the reset button down, press the brake pedal as well, hold both down.
5. "Ignition ON". Hold the reset button and brake pedal down, "InSP - - -" will appear flashing in the display. Continue holding both down until the service interval display changes.

6. After approx. 10 seconds, the maximum mileage ("InSP 35,000 km" in the case of petrol engines, "InSP 50,000 km" in the case of diesel engines with ECO Service-Flex) and ("InSP 30,000" for ECO Service 1) will be displayed. The service interval has been reset.