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    Angry Astra h 1.7 diesel fault code Ecn 068302 or P068302 Glow plug open circuit


    I have a Astra 1.7 diesel 2009, having problems with the car/ spanner light. Light comes on from cold and stays on until car is turned off and warm around 10mins, can turn off and restart immediately and light is out.

    Have codes Ecn 068302 or P0683 believe these to be Glow plug open circuit.

    Checked glow plugs all working.
    Checked wiring to plug caps and 3 give a reading of 0.5 ohms the other 1 gives a zero reading.
    Checked continuity on zero reading cap has far back down the loom has I can and all is fine .

    Should all caps give a reading of 0.5 ohms.
    Have change glow plug module with no change

    Car has had 3 code readers read it and no faults found, got this code from pedal test, and after checking has above think this is related.

    Any thought would be appreciated has this is driving me mad.

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    Are you sure that is the code?
    There is a P0638 which is throttle control
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    Quote Originally Posted by pecky View Post
    Are you sure that is the code?
    There is a P0638 which is throttle control
    I also have the same problem, have read the fault with Op-Com and can confirm it is P0683 Glow Device General Error. I have replaced the relay and the plugs, with new GM parts, and the same fault occurs. When the vehicle warms up and is stopped and restarted, the spanner light goes out and the fault becomes flagged as inactive.

    I'm not sure if it's relevant, but the coolant temperature sensor is reading about 8 degrees high. Just thought I'd mention this for completeness.

    Spend 8 hours replacing the parts yesterday to find the fault occured as soon as I reconnected the battery!

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